Vegetarian Bolognaise

I know Meatless Monday is a hard sell in some homes, well ok, mine!  But this gets gobbled up.  Leave out the cheese for the vegans & you have the whole family covered.

Tomato & Sumac Onion with Pine Nuts

We had this great Ottelenghi salad for lunch the other day- in isolation we had to leave out a few ingredients but was still delicious.

Teresa (we love you) Cutter's Grilled Mediterannean Salad

Time to start using all those beautiful heirloom veggies.  Need some inspiration- this is great for lunches too.

Ratatouille for the Soul?

Did we mention how much we love LOVE Lurve Teresa Cutter- a local legend & her recipes are simple yet so healthy… and healthy is what we are all chasing at the moment, right?

Recipes for Rick's Roasted Heirloom Squash

You have your basket of heirloom squash… now what? You’ll find these babies are superb simply chopped up into chunks, roasted in olive oil & seasoning (we love our Cowboy Rub) but if you have a ilttle more time try one of these Ottelenghi winners.

Ola! Spanish style blistered peppers... only 1 in 10 is wild.

This is a classic & extremely simple way to cook your peppers & surprise your guests.  Don’t be afraid… who doesn’t want to play a little Pepper Roulette?

Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Black Truffles

Fancy a bowl of creamy mushroom isotto to warm the cockles of your heart? This is a Cypress Hill Farm favourite & Farmer Briony’s advice when it comes to truffles is “keep it simple”.

Wanna kerfuffle with truffles but not sure how?

A guide from Cypress Hill Farm, Denmark WA, on how to get the best out of your fresh black truffles. It’s easier than you think & your tastebuds will thank you.

Moroccan Chicken Thighs

Casablanca tonight, anyone? This recipe may be the start of a beautiful friendship- tender & ethical Liberty Chicken, warm Moroccan spices, organic lemon, York olives & dried fruit. Play it again Sam! 

Lemon & Herb Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts sometimes get a really bad rap for being dry & tasteless but this self-saucing recipe will keep them moist & tender. With lemons in bountiful season right this could become a quick, simple family favourite.

Spicy Beef Rendang

In your Dandaragan Organic beef box there are a few cuts that need a slow hand – this Indonesian curry is fairly simple to make but you do need a bit of time & patience as rendang is a dry curry and needs time to absorb all the liquid & flavour.

Slow Roasted Lamb with Mint and Lemon

A luscious lamb recipe to help you use every cut of your Gimlet Grove Dorper lamb

Chicken Soboro

If you bought our free range chicken in our last offer, we have a few recipes you might like to try.  Chicken Soboro can be on the table in minutes but is tasty and nutritious.  Fast food that is good food.

Chicken Ramen

This little bomb of flavour makes an easy, quick midweek meal- alter the amount of sriacha sauce to vary punch you want in the broth.

Cowboy Steak & Corn Bread using our Cowboy Rub

Every month the Local Produce Lovelies whip up a small batch of gourmet yumminess to add to your order.  Take all the credit please.  We are particulary proud of our Cowboy Rub which sells as fast as we can make it. It can be added to beef, chicken, pork and veggies.  One of our favourites is to add to a tray of roast veg. Here we will show you how to cook the perfect steak, southern style.

Korean Ribs

Gangnam styling tonight! These ribs can either be done in the oven or slow cooker.  Either way they will be tender, lip-smacking and finger-licking good…. whoop…whoop…whooop…..

Chicken Soup for the Healthy Winter Soul

Feeling a little bit down with the weather?  Dreaded lurgies keeping you from bringing your A game?  Well, this chicken soup is good for nourishing the mind, body & soul.

Soothing Lemon & Garlic Tea

Need extra zing in your anti-flu arsenal?  Luckily Perth has the best lemons and this tea is just what your body needs when run down. Sip on this soothing tea to help beat that cold & fly away.

Beef Picadillo

Shake it up, baby… Make this savoury and sweet beef dish as a change to the usual every day mince dishes that you fall back on. Quick, simple but tasty.

Luscious Lamb Recipes

With our very first offer way back in March, we sent you home with these recipes to help with your Gimlet Grove lamb box. Here they all are again. Send us some feedback – we love hearing how these recipes turned out.