Frequently asked questions




What areas do you usually deliver to?

The postcodes we delivery to are usually 6000-6015. Delivery cost $15 & you choose the delivery option at checkout. If you are really stuck, as always, sing out.

How do I know when Local Produce Ladies has a new offer out?

On Friday we email all our subscribers with the shopping link.  If you are sitting at home crying quiet left-out tears, check your junk folder or it’s because we don’t have your correct email.  Let us know what it is – we’d love to include you. What we offer changes with the seasons so every week its hello to the new & farewell to the old.

How do I pay?

After you have ordered, you will be directed to a credit card payment. We used to offer bank transfers & on day payments but have suspended this to streamline our processes.

Where & when is pick-up?

Pick up is on a Thursday afternoon between 3 & 6:30 pm or Friday 9am-2pm – both from our little farm shop.

Address: Shop 2 (behind Lizzies and across the road from the Claremont Train Station) 1 Claremont Crescent, Claremont. There is ample parking outside- the road works are driving us batty too you can park in our driveway too.

We order from the farmers on Monday morning and they deliver on Wed or Thursday.

What happens if I cannot make the pick-up?

Life can get in the way sometimes.  Just call us and we will make a plan.

What are the shop hours?

Wednesday 10am- 2pm

Thursday 10 am – 6:30pm

Friday 10am – 2pm (but pre ordered pickups welcome from 9am)


Do I need to bring my own bags or esky to pick up my order?

Yes!  We love recycling and reusing so if you have your own esky, Styrofoam box or cooler bag, bring it. Also, if you bring back previously used, clean packaging, we will recycle that.  Some farmers also take back their packaging to reuse, repurpose or recycle. Just ask us.

What do I do with my packaging?

We are trying to keep packaging to a minimum so we would love you to repurpose, reuse or return.  We are also trying to keep everything compostable, but every farmer has a different system. Please bring your own eskies and shopping bags. With our veggie boxes you can either buy a basket and reuse every time or decant into your own bags. We recycle as mush as possible back to the farms.  The containers the farmers don’t want go to a charity Containers For Change. Please no meat/chicken or seafood bags back except the beef boxes from Dandaragon Organic Beef.

  • egg cartons – bring them back
  • glass jars- wash and we will return to producer
  • Olive oil bottles can be returned to the farmer or refilled for your own use.
  • Boxes – we will repurpose and recycle
Is there a minimum amount for pick up orders?

No. Every family has different wants, needs and wishes but we do set the quantities online. We have tried to buy the things that we buy every time we go to the market- there is nothing we sell that we do not use ourselves.

What does it mean when you say spray-free?

For us, it is not all about being organically certified, but we do want our food grown the way Nature intended.

Wouldn’t it be a great world if those who don’t farm organically had to list their toxins and chemicals on their product?  But sadly, in today’s world, it is the other way around and as you probably know, it is very expensive to be certified organic.  A huge time and dollar commitment that many small-scale farmers cannot warrant. Nevertheless, we choose to work only with farmers who are committed to sustainability, whether they are certified organic, organic in conversion, bio-dynamic, regenerative or simply growing and raising stock naturally without all the added nasties. We have visited many of the farms (what a job perk!) and plan to visit the rest during the year.  We have absolute transparency and want that to be reciprocated. Just ask us.

Does Local Produce Ladies make their own products?

Yes!  With every offer we look at what is seasonal & delicious then we cook up a storm, making small batch jars of yumminess to compliment your order. Take all the credit, please!

Try our Cowboy Rub with your beef or vegetables.  Lamb Rub can be used on chicken, beef or veggies too.  We have an amazing Torshi Seer which is pickled garlic  – made from Wild Olive Farm organic garlic- it will keep maturing … for the next 20 years or so.  There’s an ever expanding long list- we’ll keep you posted.

Do you buy from farms?

We supply straight from the farms.  Farm to Foodie. But we also support really outstanding small scale makers in Perth who are creating delicious local foods for all of us.  Like the butter, pate, bread,biscuits, preserves etc. to name but a few.

Why do you offer such large amounts?

We encourage Nose to Tail purchases where you buy the entire animal not just some choice cuts.  It is a much cheaper way to provide for your family. Don’t worry- we will help you with the recipes.