Our story

In a nutshell…

“The idea was born because we were spending considerable amounts of time sourcing premium & sustainable, local & seasonal produce that we could trust had been grown by farmers who share our beliefs & standards.”

Lisa & Meg – Founders

  •  We realised that by banding together with our community we are a strong buying group able to access gourmet produce and support our farmers at the same time.  Win. Win.
  •  We don’t want wax on our apples, plastic around our cucumbers, or hydroponically grown, tasteless homogenised veg.
  •  We want to know our meat and poultry has been raised ethically, out in the fresh air, without added chemicals, hormones, steroids or other nasties.
  •  We want tasty, old fashioned food that is raised under the wide West Aussie sky & not flown in from afar. 
  •  We support regenerative farmers who are as passionate about their food and the environment as we are.
  •  We also know that farmers in WA are doing it tough and Local Produce Ladies hopes to link the two communities. Sourcing gourmet quality local produce and paying the farmers directly, quickly and fairly.


How we differ from a farmer’s market

  •  Farmer’s markets are a foodie nirvana – we love them- yet not everyone can make it a weekly outing.
  •  Local Produce Ladies aim to be your online farmer’s market. We do not open on a Saturday as that is when many of our farmers are at the markets and we don’t want to distract from that.
  •  Like a farmer’s market, you will get the opportunity to meet some of the farmers and ask them about how they produce our food.
  •  Come and shake the hand of the people who nourish you- What a powerful expression of support.